With the start of Catholic Sisters Week and International Women’s Day on March 8 th , this is a time of commemorating extraordinary religious women and the many ways they have enriched our lives. Whether it’s Sisters, Saints or our fellow practicing Catholics, women of faith never fail to leave us feeling inspired. At Cabrini Mission Foundation, we have learned life lessons from the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus that teach us to put others before ourselves and hold to our hearts the stories of their missionary work which inspire us to never give up. By doing so, we are nurturing our own souls in the process and aligning with the plan Jesus had for us. Our foundress, St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, taught us the importance of dignity, development, and the empowerment of all people that starts within our own communities. We hope, with our ministry, we embody the resilience of these incredible women, and make meaningful changes that emulate Mother Cabrini’s spirit and commitment to helping the most vulnerable.

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