“Free yourselves and put on your wings” Mother Cabrini said to her sisters, inviting them to free themselves from the ties, fears and sense of inferiority that characterized the women of that era.

In the word “free yourselves”, to quote Sr. Maria Barbagallo, is enclosed the purification of the will and of human hopes, indicating the liberation from those ties that bind us to “small hopes” without duration, to launch ourselves towards the boundless horizons of the knowledge of God through love, listening to the hopes of Jesus, his criteria, and his project. This is the slogan that will also guide the XVI General Chapter that will take place next June. 

As a communications team, in the new year we would like to make even more effective that quest, begun in 2021, to connect. Indeed, the year 2021 just ended was an important year for us. We have become increasingly aware of our role and our mission within the Institute: therefore, the awareness of being a team has grown and the distribution and management of the various initiatives has improved, considering the different activities to be carried out, the various roles and the specific aptitudes of each member of the working group. Like so many members of a single body, we have felt the presence of the other communicators scattered throughout the Cabrinian world ever more strongly. For this reason, we are grateful to the people within our Provinces and Region who have begun to connect and share the beautiful mission of living the Cabrinian charism through communication. The involvement of the laity in the various projects on which we have focused this year, such as the Mother’s Day project, has been fundamental: https://youtu.be/JJ4EpUB56AY .

All this beauty and mutual synergy was born especially thanks to the Sisters in mission with whom we collaborate and with some of whom we received the gift of meeting in person. There have been many times this year when we have asked the sisters to be particularly involved, just think of the Advent Calendar project in its second edition of the Zoom meetings for Vocations Day on February 15, for the canonization of Mother Cabrini on July 7 and for the Christmas greetings on December 21. We want to take this opportunity to thank them for what they give to the Cabrini world and to us.

It is thanks to this immense circle of love that a unanimous voice is created more and more, a channel through which we can ‘spread’ the love of Jesus to the ends of the Earth. We have also begun to understand how to position ourselves in relation to the outside world, broadening our gaze into wider worlds. 

We are preparing to live out our mission as communicators in this new year within and outside the Cabrinian world, especially in preparation for such an important moment as the General Chapter. May the Lord be the great communicator who inspires us and may “free yourselves and put on your wings” be a wish for us all to live on the heights, opening ourselves to adventures and new experiences.

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