Here is what happened last month in the Mother Cabrini Institute in Rosario, Argentina.

On December 22, we celebrated a Mass together with the newly-retired members to honor and celebrate them. We thanked the good Lord for the years of work and for all the efforts made so that the work begun by Mother Cabrini would continue to endure. Thank you to the recently retired staff for being an example, thank you for educating the heart.

The “Santa Maria” event closed a year full of challenges. Difficulties that have not been a hindrance to a community dedicated daily to breaking down walls to build bridges. It doesn’t matter if we take short or long steps, if we go slowly or have to run without pauses. The important thing is to go forward and move forward together, side by side, heart to heart.

Then, during those days, several graduation ceremonies were held for the classes at the initial (kindergarten), primary and secondary levels, including special school.
Raise the anchor, set the sails and set a course for the next adventure. Let the Holy Spirit be your compass and the Sacred Heart your captain. The voyage will not always be smooth, but with its company you will be sure to reach a safe harbor.

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