Last March 20 a blessing ceremony took place at Cabrini Health Australia in the Malvern Chapel for all the new nurses who just graduated. Following an introduction by the director of the “Mission and Identity” group, Julie Fleming, a hymn was sung and a report by clinical teachers and the feedback from the candidates was heard came the true key moment of the laying on of hands and the blessing of the new nurses. After the singing of another festive song, the ritual of welcoming the new nurses was performed and the Group Director of Nursing and Clinical Education, Dr. Zandegu spoke. Finally, the last words were dedicated to the parable of the Good Samaritan (taken from the All Brothers encyclical) and to one of Mother Cabrini’s thoughts.




Julie Fleming, Group Director Mission and Identity 

Hymn – Come As You Are 

Come as you are, that’s how I want you. 
Come as you are, feel quite at home. 
Close to my heart, loved and forgiven 
Come as you are, why stand alone? 
No need to fear, love sets no limits. 
No need to fear, love never end. 
Don’t run away, shamed, and disheartened. 
Rest in my love, trust me again. 
Come as you are, that’s how I love you. 
Come as you are, trust me again. 
Nothing can change the love that I bear you. 
All will be well, just come as you are. 

Paul Gurr 

Clinical Educators 

Rick Peebles, Director 

Stefanie Adlam-Smeele, Educator 

Graduate’s Response   

Hannah Smith RN  


Jesus knew the power of touch and used it to bring healing and hope, especially to those suffering from disease and social exclusion, for these reasons, as our graduate nurses head out into the hospitals, we take time to offer  

a blessing on their hands. 

All guests invited to say together 

God of love healing and mercy, bless these hands we pray.  

Anoint these hands with your mercy and grace so that your healing touch will be extended through their touch.  

May each person who receives care by the touch of these hands  

experience the compassion that flows from your suffering, saving love,  

the comfort of your healing presence, and the competence and commitment  

of spirit filled, conscientious care givers.  


Graduates invited to process to the altar to receive anointing of hands by 

Sr Beatriz Santos MSC and Julie Fleming, Director Mission & Identity 


Lay Your Hands 

Lay your hands gently upon us. 
Let their touch render your peace. 
Let them bring your forgiveness and healing. 
Lay your hands gently, lay your hands. 

You were sent to free the broken-hearted. 
You were sent to give sight to the blind. 
You desire to heal all our illnesses. 
Lay your hands gently, lay your hands. 

Lord, we come to you through one another. 
Lord, we come to you in our need. 
Lord, we come to you seeking wholeness. 
Lay your hands gently, lay your hands. 

Carey Landry 

Closing remarks 

Anne Zandegu, Group Director, Nursing and Clinical Education 

Collect your gift as you leave the Chapel 



Sr Beatriz,  

Anne Zandegu Rick Peebles and Stephanie 

the Nursing leadership team 

In the face of so much pain and suffering, our only course is to imitate the Good Samaritan … The parable clearly does not indulge in abstract moralising, nor is its message merely social and ethical. It speaks to us of an essential and often forgotten aspect of our common humanity: we were created for a fulfilment that can only be found in love. We cannot be indifferent to suffering; we cannot allow anyone to go through life as an outcast. Instead, we should feel indignant, challenged to emerge from our comfortable isolation and to be changed by our contact with human suffering. That is the meaning of dignity. (FT §67-8) 

Last word belongs to Mother Cabrini – 

‘Labour with love: the power of your love will endow your actions with strength and courage’ 

Thanks to Cabrini Health Australia

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