The past weekend was very busy. On Saturday, 32 Sisters visited Orvieto, a small town in Umbria. We shared a beautiful tour of the city of Orvieto (Umbria), one of the medieval cities of Italy, more than three thousand years old. For many years this town was the seat of the Pontifical Courts, and it was here that the feast of Corpus Christi began, a year after the Eucharistic miracle occurred in Bolsena. According to history, the Host bled and stained the corporal during the celebration of the Mass. Pope Urban IV, who was near Orvieto at that time, had the corporal brought to him. In the Cathedral of Orvieto, a photo of the corporal can still be seen. We ended our visit to this incredible city with an enjoyable lunch. Now it is time to recharge our energies as we begin our last week of Chapter. On Sunday, the Sisters were in St. Peter’s Square to attend the prayer of the Angelus with Pope Francis, who extended a special greeting to us on the occasion of the General Chapter. When we returned to La Salle House, the interviews for the oral history project continued. In the evening, we had the pleasure of enjoying the interview of Sister Maria Barbagallo. Each and every of our Sisters’ personal witnesses was a great gift.

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