An event that has changed our life in one hit. Something that we saw in the news, something far from our reality now it’s present in our country. Doubt, curiosity, anxiety and finally fear were finding a place in our society due to the world crisis caused by COVID-19.

In this situation, as a prevention, the government of Guatemala, take the decision to suspend all kinds of activities. However, our institution, dedicated to the health area, is an exception to these standards.

The staff of both clinics of the cabrinian mission still working to help people who really need it in this moments, respecting government instructions. But, in at that moment, the love of Jesus shows that is more alive than ever, when we in the difficult moment we practice that message of unity, the call to give everything for others.

This event has changed our lives, the “normal” life has ceased to exist, but it gives us the opportunity to move forward together.

~ Andrés, Communication Office 

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