It is with gratitude for all the good work done, but mixed with sadness at their leaving, that we thank Thinky & Sena Mabaso for their presence these past few years in Dubbo Mission with Cabrini Ministries Ethiopia. They are returning to eSwatini and will continue working there with Cabrini Ministries eSwatini.

• The photo shows Thinky & Sena trying on Ethiopian traditional clothes – gifts from the staff of Cabrini Ministries Ethiopia at their farewell lunch.

Dubbo – The new Director of CM Ethiopia is Sr. Berhane Ashebo MSC, and Thinky & Phesheya will
continue to mentor and support her during the transition in leadership.

Wallacha – Srs. Elfinesh & Tigist had their annual closing day of their Youth Group Program in Wallacha Parish.

Dubbo – Srs. Alemenesh & Aynalem with the Dubbo Parish Vocation Youth Group, for their End-of-Year program.

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