We began the month of November remembering our Saints, and through their cooperative efforts, the primary students have worked on different Saints.

The technique of the broken template has allowed us to record everything we have learned about the values and virtues of men and women like us, who were chosen by God, and called to holiness.

The older primary school students, with their digital skills, used a program to make a ‘cloud’ of “rain of values” based on the Saint they had worked on. The younger students did it manually, resulting in very creative works!

At the end of the week of Saints, we celebrated the week of our foundress St. Frances Xavier Cabrini. During this week, the students, from kindergarten to primary school, deepened their knowledge of the life and work of Mother Cabrini, by using different methodologies, such as reading the book, “Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, Messenger of the Love of Jesus” and the activity booklet, through handicrafts made with different techniques, and finally an activity of interiority & reflection to connect with the echo that Mother Cabrini has left in each of us.

The week could not end without the traditional chocolate party! This year, the children especially enjoyed it, as in recent years, it could not be held due to health reasons. On Sunday, November 13, the date on which we commemorate Mother Cabrini’s Beatification, the entire educational community was able to share a Eucharist in the school chapel. It was a beautiful moment of celebration.

During Advent, different celebrations have been held in the chapel with the primary students; moments in which the students and teachers have been preparing themselves for the arrival of Christmas.

The Birth of Jesus is the reason that makes us to be happy and celebrate through different theater performances, in which our students participate with great enthusiasm and originality to portray this important moment in history.

And so we arrive at December 22nd; classes end for this term, and the students are happy for their vacation and the arrival of the Three Wise Men.

We also cannot forget, that on this day we remember that Mother Cabrini left this world to be in a place very close to all of us, our hearts.

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