Pope Francis calls St. Joseph a beloved Father, a Father in tenderness, a Father in obedience, a Father in welcome, a Father of creative courage, a Father of work and a Father in the shadows.

This Saint, not only is loved and venerated as the Patron of the universal Church, but as the Protector of the Institute founded by St. Frances Cabrini. Also tying St. Frances Cabrini to St. Joseph is the fact that he is a special patron for all those who must leave their homeland because of wars, hatred, persecution and misery.

From Pope Francis’ Patris corde

This extraordinary figure is so close to the human condition of each of us. Everyone can find in St. Joseph the man who goes unnoticed, the man of daily, discreet and hidden presence, an intercessor, a support and a guide in times of difficulty. St. Joseph reminds us that all those who stand seemingly hidden or in the “second line” have unparalleled prominence in salvation history. To all of them goes a word of recognition and gratitude.

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