On February 20th, the President’s Holiday in the USA, we visited Sacred Hearts and St. Stephen’s Church in Brooklyn. It was initially established for Italian immigrants in the Diocese of Brooklyn and is where Mother Cabrini and our MSC Congregation taught in the school and worked in the parish. It is so beautiful and has so many statues of saints and Mary. The statues of Mary have many different titles such as Our Lady of Sorrows and Our Lady of Mount Carmel… all referring to the same Mary, the Mother of Jesus. It is so spiritual and meaningful. There are also Mother Cabrini images inside the church and outside. The outside statue shows her as Mother of Immigrants, holding the hands of two children on the right and left, and also showing their traveling luggage. We were so delighted. Our guide, John Heyer, was very passionate in his telling the story of the church. After [our tour] we went to an old Sicilian restaurant and enjoyed delicious food. We are so grateful to Sr. Bernadette who drove us and gave her precious time to us. Coming back home we got some cookies for our community from a special bakery which is well known in the area. It was an enjoyable day. ~ submitted by Sr. Bezunesh Elias, MSC

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