Doors opened to the Special Olympics delegations at the St. Louis Oratory and Mother Cabrini Missionary Sisters Spirituality Center. It was a competition of solidarity that in recent days saw volunteers and organizations giving hospitality to the young athletes who arrived in Codogno to participate in the event. Volunteers from the Cabrinian Mission Association organized the reception of the delegation composed of 17 guests (13 athletes with intellectual disabilities accompanied by 4 educators) of the amateur sports and cultural association AG23 of Sant’Arcangelo di Romagna (Rimini) at the Spirituality Center of the Missionary Sisters of Mother Cabrini for the entire period of the event. The expense of hosting the Romagna delegation was supported by donations from the associations that make up the municipal council of volunteers. Meanwhile, at the San Luigi Youth Center, Fr. Stefano Cantoni arranged for the reception of a class from the Bassi Institute in Lodi, which was participating in the days of competition. On Saturday, May 13, the groups all got together for dinner and a time of celebration. After a slice of strawberry cake, volunteers Mina and Mariarosa enlivened the evening with music and karaoke. And the Sant’Arcangelo boys let loose in dancing and singing, which ended up involving everyone present. n L. G.

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