We started our week by celebrating St. Daniel Comboni’s Day, in the Settlement of Pagirnya, in the community dedicated to this great missionary saint. All these people coming from South Sudan were evangelized through the missionary works founded by Daniel Comboni. These people carry in their minds and hearts such a lively faith and such a deep joy, capable of infecting everyone with their presence and witness.

The Eucharistic celebration began at 10 am with a lot of festive singing, animated by a beautiful choir made up of very elegant young men and women. Among prayers, dances, praises and so many manifestations of joy, we were able to see the action of the Holy Spirit and the joy of the Eucharist, where Jesus gives himself to each one of us, every day.

The homily of Fr. Henery was about the life and holiness of St. Daniel Comboni, based on the Gospel of the Good Shepherd (Jn 10,11-16) and on the appeal to live in peace today, free from violence and war. He emphasized the testimony of St. Daniel Comboni: “Save Africa through Africans” and the responsibility of each one in this transforming action.

This community has a different characteristic from the others. It has an abundant number of children (600), young people, most of them boys and a smaller number of adults. We are getting to know this culture through the women’s group, visits to families and closeness in celebrations. It’s a school of cultures, language and what I love the most is the beauty radiated in people’s eyes and height.

Sr. Albertina, MSC

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