We communicate with great joy that on the day of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the first edition of the St. Frances Cabrini Province Newsletter came out.

The goal of this publication is to make the work of the Cabrini Sisters even better known among lay co-responsibles in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, as well as to pass on the legacy of love and missionary zeal of our foundress, Mother Cabrini.

The Portuguese version is here!

The Spanish version is here!


  1. 1
    Eddys Disla on July 6, 2024

    Just finished watching the Cabrini movie, what a masterpiece!,

    Viva Mother Cabrini*s work and legacy.

  2. 2
    Meseret Bezabih on July 10, 2024

    God bless you and your family . your work is very good know my question is some students and people are very angry and hungry now this is emergency please help

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