Jenny Nicholson – Acting Group Director Mission and Identity, Cabrini Australia

All our patients, their families, staff and doctors, volunteers, asylum seekers and refugees that we love and care for, need our visible attentiveness and nurturing of heart and soul at this time of the global pandemic.  It is vital that we continue to be inspired by the spirit of St. Frances Cabrini and the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus by bringing to life her words: “Love, today, must not be hidden; it must be active, vibrant and true.”

The richness of the Cabrinian Charism in Australia is expressed in the most recent activities, as a reflection of our love, as we endeavor to build up spirits, and lift the hearts of those around us.

The Hope and Human Flourishing in the Workplace project, launched in July this year, highlights how opportunities for employment within Cabrini Support Services provides much needed hope for many after leaving their home countries. The opportunity to flourish, provide for families and regain a sense of identity, has enabled many staff to restore their dignity and feel part of a community once again. The inspiring stories of eleven of our staff express a real essence of love and can be read here. (booklet attached)

Charism Conversations have recently resumed for many of our new Cabrini staff. This conversational formation program engages executives and leaders with some of the major themes emerging from the life and mission of St. Frances Cabrini. To expand this formation more broadly, some participants in these programs will lead ongoing Charism Conversations with Cabrini staff.

Meeting an unmet need, Cabrini’s ‘Women’s Health Centre’ opened its doors in September to support the mental health of women in our community. The first of its type in Australia, the Centre’s opening is timely as the pandemic has magnified many mental health issues. We are honoured to be able to provide a facility where women feel loved, listened to, and safe. 

Inspired by the work of St. Frances Cabrini and the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart ‘Our Ethic of Care’ module and booklet has been developed as a formation program for our staff by providing them with an understanding of who we are, what we believe, and what we do. To ensure all those who work at Cabrini have a deepened understanding of the Vision & Mission of Cabrini, we require that everyone completes this formation program.  Download the booklet and watch the video. (booklet attached)

Cabrini Outreach is working closely with Afghan refugees through their Asylum Seeker and Refugee Health Hub. Throughout August and September, a number of Cabrini nurses worked in hotel quarantine to care for returning Australians and refugees from Afghanistan.  This work is core to our mission and has supported the Australian Government to bring many Afghans to Australia.

Our annual Mother Cabrini Awards, recognises and rewards above and beyond efforts and sustained service excellence. This year three recipients received this coveted award for visibly living out St. Frances Cabrini’s mission with compassion, courage and love. “Jesus does not dwell outside of us but within us; his throne of love is within each of our hearts.” St. Frances Cabrini. This is the essence of love being shown in Cabrini ministries across Australia

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Vigil – the Heart of Cabrini  

In 2017, celebrating the 100th anniversary of St. Frances Cabrini’s death a sculpture was commissioned to honour her and those who have embraced and embodied St. Frances’ Ethic of Care at Cabrini Health Australia. 
Vigil – the Heart of Cabrini was installed at Cabrini Malvern in September and will be officially celebrated during Cabrini weeks when we hold many ceremonies around the time of the Feast Day of St. Frances X Cabrini.

“The Sculpture is an exceptional tribute of gratitude to all those, present and past, who have contributed to the outstanding reputation of Cabrini Health in Melbourne. It is an artwork which invites you in, to find the courage, which is at the heart of this work, to continue working with excellence.” 

Sr Sharon Casey MSC

Jenny Nicholson

Director Support Services

My name is Jenny Nicholson, I have been at Cabrini for three years and I manage support services. Support services is the non-clinical support team, which includes domestic, security, logistics, communications and food services, and, more recently, volunteer, car parking and engineering services


Sister Sharon Casey MSC

As a Missionary Sister of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Cabrini Sisters), Sr Sharon began her active ministry as an educator. Education was a foundational steppingstone to respond to new ministry requests requiring a change in direction and further studies.  Advanced educational opportunities opened her mind and heart to embrace a renewed commitment to the Cabrini Missionary Identity- i.e., ‘to go and serve wholeheartedly in response to a need.’ 

This life path offered extensive opportunities to serve people on Boards, Provincial leadership, initiate new services in response to emerging needs and respond to the request to be the MSC representative in Cabrini Australia.  Sr Sharon has been the Chair of the Cabrini Mission Governance Committee, member of the People and Nominations Committee and the Foundation Board.  Currently, Sr Sharon is present for the Community Advisory Committee meetings.

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