Mother Cabrini had a deep and affectionate relationship with the Blessed Mother. She urged the Missionary Sisters to cultivate a strong devotion as well, in part because she saw Mary as the teacher and model for all missionaries:

Mary is the mother of us all, and her mission is not limited to one land or nation;

Mary is the mother of consolation for the afflicted;

Mary provides the example of serenity, simplicity, gentleness, fortitude, and obedience to God’s will that we need to spread the Gospel.

Mary is present on the seal of the Missionary Sisters, which Mother Cabrini designed herself. At the center of the seal is the Sacred Heart of Jesus, inflamed with love for us.

The Missionary Sisters are the vessels roaming the oceans seeking to be “Bearers of the love of Christ in the world.”

And it is Mary, the Star of the Sea, who guides them to the shores where they are to serve.

As we enter May, the month of Mary, let us turn to Mary for guidance and comfort, confiding in and honoring her as fully as Mother Cabrini did.

Thanks to Saint Frances Cabrini Shrine Newsletter

“If your soul is like a reed shaken by the wind, turn to Mary… with her help you will obtain the gift of fortitude”

~ St. Frances Xavier Cabrini

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