The rain and the wind this past Saturday did not deter our trip to the Random Farms Kids’ Theater in Yorktown Heights, NY.
Cabrini Immigrant Services, Dobbs Ferry, NY, brought a group of our toddlers, younger students and parents, to see the play, The Jungle Book. When we arrived at the theater, each child received a badge showing that they were attending the play. They were so proud of getting the badge.

The actors and actresses were kids ranging in age from 5 – 12 years old. They were wonderful! The costumes were so colorful, the singing and the acting were superb.

Everyone enjoyed the day. Some of the parents said that when they arrived home, their children were so excited as they shared about the play.
Thank you to St. Faith’s House Foundation for your grant which allowed us to enjoy a wonderful day.
~ submitted by: Lorraine Campanelli, Director, CIS- Dobbs Ferry, NY

Thanks to the Guadalupe Province newsletter for this update.

Photo above: Lorraine Campanelli (4th l.), Director of Cabrini Immigrant Services in Dobbs Ferry,
NY, led a merry group of youngsters and their parents to see a production of Disney’s Jungle Book.
From their big smiles, looks like everyone had a great time.

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