From Feb. 23 – 25 the Board Members met in NYC at Cabrini Apartments on E. 19th Street. The representatives from each of the 23 member congregations of religious women form a unique group, spanning 85 countries. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet them plus the administrative staff.

For the past three years, Sr. Gloria Caixeta, MSC, has been our faithful representative. At this juncture, Sr. Bernadette Anello, MSC, is the interim representative. Committee work, in addition to executive sessions, filled the agenda for this three-day meeting. We also had the opportunity to tour the UN on Friday afternoon, a worthwhile opportunity to reacquaint us with the makeup and activities of this organization.

UNANIMA International continues its advocacy and concern for: women and children in need, especially regarding homelessness, asylum seekers, immigrants and refugees as well as the ongoing efforts against human trafficking. We do this in collaboration with various partners to help influence the policy decisions being made by UN member states.

In recent years, some research projects undertaken by UNANIMA have produced educational tools which have been published: The Intersection of Family Homelessness and Human Trafficking, The Hidden Faces of Homelessness, and Family Homelessness. These resources are attempts to address needs and prepare for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development – “Transforming Our World.”

(submitted by Bernadette Anello, MSC)

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