Thanksgiving XVI General Chapter

“May modesty accompany them everywhere, in everything and with everyone, composing the movements of the person who must exhale a heavenly purity. Let them use with their neighbors a frank, cheerful trait, which, however, does not disdain religious gravity so that their mission may produce good fruit in souls. “

P. 295 – First Rules

We thank all the capitular and invited sisters who took part in the 16th General Chapter and all the sisters who participated remotely. Thank you for their lives dedicated to bringing Jesus to every corner of the earth every day and for the missionary spirit that inhabits the land where they give their charitable service but especially the hearts of those they meet on their journey. Thank you from the whole Institute.

“If, therefore, we wish to live up to our mission, let us banish frivolity, vanity, and remember that we shall be true women only when, mindful of the principal duty incumbent upon us, we become the true educators of society, the angels of the family, the faithful imitators of Mary Immaculate.”

P.508 – To the Ends of the Earth


From “Free Yourselves and Put on Wings” – p. 358

In 1990, in fact, a large group of lay collaborators of the Cabrinian Missions was called to be part of the General Chapter (previously only strictly reserved for Religious) for those aspects that concerned the Mission.

The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart were thus coming to converge their ideal with what the Pope’s own Encyclical, Christifidelis laici, said:

“The lay faithful, precisely because they are members of the Church, have the vocation and mission to be heralds of the Gospel: for this work they are enabled and committed by the sacraments of Christian initiation and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.”

We thank all the lay collaborators who participated in the 16th General Chapter, thankful for their time dedicated to the mission each day and the specific mission that inhabits their lives and enriches the whole Institute.


From “Free yourselves and put on wings” pp. 231-232

“I give thanks continually to my God for you, for in Him you have been enriched with all gifts, those of the word and those of knowledge. The testimony of Christ has been so firmly established among you that you no longer lack any charisma as you await the manifestation of the Lord our Jesus Christ.”

Our thanks go to those whose knowledge has given us the gift of their time and experience.

Special thanks then to.

Father Mariano Sedano Sierra, Claretian missionary

Sister Neusa de Fátima Mariano, Superior General of the Scalabrinian Sisters

Sister Mercedes Casas Sánchez, of the Congregation Daughters of the Holy Spirit

Sister Melanie Di Pietro, SC, canonist and Chris Lowney who spoke during the Chapter with reflections and insights on charity, mission and discernment.

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