Cabrini High School names Alumna of the Year

Stacey Maylin Wohlgemuth of the Class of 1986 has been named Alumna of the Year of Cabrini High School for 2020. This award is given annually to an outstanding alumna who has exemplified the teachings of Mother Cabrini and has shown her dedication to Christianity through her interaction with her family, the Cabrini community, and the general community.

When told the news, Wohlgemuth said, “To be selected as the 2020 recipient of Cabrini High School’s Alumna of the Year means the world to me. I was shocked, thrilled, surprised, honored, and totally humbled that I was nominated by my peers. This inspires me to continue my service and volunteering to continue Mother Cabrini’s legacy.”

As a parent and volunteer at Cabrini High School, Stacey has contributed countless hours in many capacities. She has volunteered and participated in events such as the Parents’ Association, Gala committee, Mother Cabrini’s Exhibit Room, Cabrini’s former festival, Bayou Bash, and even assisting teacher when asked for help. She has been an active member of the Alumnae Association for eight years, and also served as the Class of 1986 Class Agent for many years where she was instrumental in organizing and planning her class’ reunions.

According to Natalie Natal Tatje ’81, President of the Alumnae Association, “Stacey has always loved Cabrini and has kept our school near and dear to her heart. Whether it’s through all of her volunteer work or by passing on the love and legacy of Cabrini to her daughter, Stacey is very deserving of being the 2020 Alumna of the Year.” 

~ submitted by Katelyn Ehrhardt, Cabrini High School

Thanks to Guadalupe province weekly newsletter for this article.

Photo above: Cabrini High School President Jack Truxillo (l.) along with Cabrini H.S. Alumnae Association President Natalie Natal Tatje ’81 (r.) honors Stacey Maylin Wohlgemuth ’86 (c.) as the 2020 Cabrini High School Alumna of the Year.

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