Cabrini Retreat Center Welcomes those Transitioning Out of Homelessness

This past weekend, a small woman approached a staff person at Cabrini Retreat Center and slipped a tightly folded five dollar into a hand saying, “this is all I have, it is a donation to thank you for spoiling us on retreat this weekend.” Touched, the staff person responded that it was our privilege to show God’s love by “spoiling” each retreatant.

Cabrini Retreat Center has been a partner with the Ignatian Spiritual Project (ISP) since 2008.

The Ignatian Sprituality Project (ISP) provides retreat programming and staffing for those transitioning out of homelessness. Cabrini Retreat Center provides an open hearted welcome, beautiful meeting space, grounds, private bedrooms and excellent meals.

The Overnight Retreats allow men and women making big changes in their lives to re-discover their inherent worth and dignity, and to experience that they are deeply loved. Days of renewal after the retreat allow the experience to deepen and be supported.

Thanks to the Cabrini Mission Foundation and our Sister Prayer Partners who support this mission.

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