Confirmation Preparations in Chicago

120 students and their catechists from the Church of the Holy Spirit in Chicago spent a day in retreat at Cabrini Retreat Center in preparation for Confirmation.
Largely Hispanic, most of the students are first generation Americans and some are immigrants themselves. Theirs is a two year preparation program and the retreat is the culmination of that program. Students range in age from 13-17 and formed mixed small “communities” for the day, which was centered on Scripture and the Holy Spirit.
A concrete learning experience helped them to clarify their understanding of the gifts of the Holy Spirit: each community was assigned one of the gifts and they were asked to come up with a brief skit that would express the gift in their everyday lives. Sharing their skits with the large group gave all the students the opportunity to learn more about the practical application of all the gifts. It was truly an enriching day for all participants.
~ submitted by Sr. Cathy Fedewa, CSFN
The students preparing for Confirmation arrive at their home parish following their preparatory retreat at the Cabrini Retreat Center in Des Plaines, IL.

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