“A world intoxicated by erroneous theories needs those who teach sound doctrine, but how arduous is the work of setting on the right path those who have gone astray!

The formation of a new generation is in your hands. You must start them out in the right direction, instil in them sound principles, good seed, seemingly buried for the moment, but which will undoubtedly bear good fruit in time. The impressions of childhood are never erased. It will be to your credit if the young whom you are educating grow to maturity to become the pride of their family, society, country and, especially, the honor and support of the Church. I have already received many consolations from our students of the teachers’ college and expect more, certain that those exemplary young women will do well now in the future”

Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini

Education is at the heart of Mother Cabrini’s teaching and at the center of what we do.

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