Chaire Gynai – Rome

“Chaire Gynai” project – requested by Pope Francis – is bound to the Scalabrinian Association with ONLUS migrants, in collaboration with with the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (our main contribution to the project is to have made available the two buildings where the project takes place) and develops like a Kairós for the institutions operating there and for those women for whom the proposal comes to life. It is a promising opportunity of intent, union and communion between different women’s congregations, on Roman territory.
An initiative whose objective is to favor paths reception, protection, promotion and integration of refugee women (with children) and migrant women in a vulnerable situation.
The service configure itself on three assess:
1. Protecting life and the dignity of women
It includes all efforts to support women, both for the period of stay in the building and for the period of stay in the building of the house, both to give continuity to the project and consolidate the processes of autonomy already underway in the reception phase.
2. The redemption of hope
The opportunity for every woman to negotiate any trauma or injury, increase their self-esteem and acquire a greater awareness of one’s own abilities, through the experiences of coexistence,
of fun, spirituality and thanksgiving to the support of professional support figures.
3. Planning for the future
It allows a person in a situation of vulnerability, to raise one’s eyes and reorganize dreams and projects; regain control of their lives by participating in professional courses and training, important tools towards autonomy and integration.

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