Happy Mother Cabrini’s Feast! – Message from MSC General Superior, Sr Barbara Staley

Sister Barbara Staley, MSC General Superior

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Sister Barbara Staley, MSC General Superior

            Greetings to all of the missionary sisters of the sacred heart throughout the world, greetings to all of our lay collaborators, to our partners in mission, and for all of you who know mother Cabrini and share this wonderful charism.

            I wish all of you a very blessed day as we celebrate together the life and memory of saint Frances Xavier Cabrini.

            We are currently in a time of preparation for our 16th general chapter that will take place in Rome during may 2020.

We have been drinking at the fount of god’s grace giving us this favorable time of the past 5 ½ years to transform all dimension of our consecrated life and of our institute.  we have made a  lot of progress on this  journey  yet we have quite a distance yet to travel in order to transform ourselves into a missionary institute relevant in modern society where we can respond to and serve the most needy people of today, bearing the love of christ to the world.

This work has demanded sacrifice on everyone’s part.  thank you for your contribution and generosity in responding.  to continue this journey we are being called by god to look deeply and honestly at ourselves to discover what it is that binds us so we can be free from those bondages and have the wings to fly where the lord would desire.

St Paul writes to the romans (15: 20-21) “i aspire to proclaim the gospel not where christ has already been named….but as it is written to those who have never been told of him and to those who have never heard of him.  mother Cabrini shared this desire of St Paul’s always proclaiming that the world was too small, that Jesus runs ahead of her faster than she can follow and wishing to bring the good news of Jesus to all the ends of the earth.

Mission is our life.  we have special graces of the charism to be educators of the heart, to serve migrants, refugees, and trafficked persons, to witness to the universality of god’s love through the witness of our interculturality, and to create more and more meaningful mechanisms of engagement with all laity who share this Cabrinian charism on behalf of sharing the love of christ to the others, especially to those who are underserved and most in need.

            Let us continue to pray for one another.  just like mother Cabrini did, may we continue to donate our whole selves to the heart of Jesus.

Once again happy and blessed feast day celebrating st. Frances Xavier Cabrini.

Sister Barbara Staley,
MSC General Superior

Rome, 13 november 2019



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