Historical Cabrinian Places

The cradle of the institute & birthplace

The cradle of the  Missionary Sisters’ Institute is in Codogno, Italy. It is also a going concern where many new initiatives of the Institute have come to fruition such as a House of Prayer, a residence for the elderly and as a Center of Spirituality.

This is our beginning, our foundation, where we began as a congregation.
This Cabrini Museum houses many artifacts from the life of Mother Cabrini.
If you walk around the museum you might be transported to distant countries that Cabrini visited, or perhaps, you may gain insight into the person of Frances Cabrini through her Missionary Travels.

If you stop and pray in the room adjacent to the museum, you can kneel and say a prayer, feeling the presence of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mother Cabrini.

In addition, the birthplace of Francesca Cabrini in Sant’Angelo Lodigiano can also be visited.


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