International Meeting in Financial Administration

Welcome to our 3-Day International Meeting of Sisters and Lay Collaborators in Financial Administration began yesterday in Codogno Italy! We are 23 committed participants: 10 sisters and 13 lay collaborators, representing all 17 countries we operate in.

Featured here are some of the speakers from Day 1! Sr. Stella Maris (General Treasurer); Sr. Barbara Staley (General Superior); and Mr. Greg Lane (CFO) with Mr. John Tortolani of BMT Financial Services.

We are looking at further ways to unify our systems in order to deepen our inter connectivity. All of this we do to more effectively achieve the fulfillment of the mission of bringing the love of Christ to those who are most vulnerable and in need.

We were deeply moved by Sr. Maria Barbagallo’s powerful presentation on “Mother Cabrini and Money”.

How amazing it is to think of the history of our Institute & how Mother Cabrini applied wise financial management and constant discernment! This has allowed for not only sustainability of our Institute, but more importantly resources for the fulfillment of mission. We are truly standing on the shoulders of giants.

We are growing in mission through our newly formed Strategic Impact Investment portfolio!

Thank you to Kayoko Lyons (MSC Director of Impact Investing), Femke Bos and Else Ankum Griffioen and William Jacobsen for your great presentations at our finance meeting, and for the inspiring and impactful work you do with the marginalized and vulnerable!

At the end of the meeting we really want to say a huge thank you to the organizer. Sr. Stella Maris, Greg Lane and Kayoko Lyons. Thank you to our Superior General and your General Council for your support and to Sr. Maria Regina for the tour of following in the footsteps of Mother Cabrini in Codogno!

Thank you especially to all our incredible financial stewards, to those of you who attended this international meeting and those of you who are in different parts of the Cabrini World. Because of your diligence, excellence and skill you help make our mission possible. 
Grazie Mille! 

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