Magical moments at Cabrini of Westchester

Magical Moments are taking place at Cabrini of Westchester!  Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for the month of July, family members are able to make an appointment to see their loved ones through the window up close and personal, while speaking via iPads from either side of the door.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the regulations put into place by the New York State Department of Health, visitors have not been allowed to enter St. Cabrini Nursing Home since March.  Although regular updates have been given to all families since the pandemic began, and many have had the opportunity to FaceTime with the residents, these Magical Moments have been so special because the residents are able to see and communicate with their loved ones in person – something they haven’t been able to do for nearly four months!

The residents and families have been grateful to all the staff who make these reunions possible.  We look forward to the day when these families move on from virtual hugs to actual hugs! That day can’t come soon enough! 

~ submitted by Susan Herceg, Cabrini of Westchester

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Patricia Stanley waves to her family during her “visit” with them.

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