New Candidate Program in Addis Abeba

The Holy Spirit Region has commenced the new Candidate Program in Addis Abeba. This intensive program will help them to grow in human development, English language skills, and catechesis. They will also each be working in some ministry, such as volunteering with Missionaries of Charity project for sick and handicapped etc. 

Sr. Suany is leading the program, with Sr. Meseret, a Junior, assisting her (as well ministering at the Ethiopian Catholic University Mother & Child Clinic).
They are starting with 3 Candidates,  Abaynesh, Konjit and Abebech.
Let us keep them in our prayers.

Photo: from left to right: Abebech, Konkit, Sr. Suany MSC, Abaynesh & Sr. Meseret MSC
Abaynesh, Konjit and Abebech

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