News from the Guadalupe Province Vocation Promotion Team

The Delaware Valley Member Area of the National Religious Vocations Conference (NRVC) met on Tuesday, January 14th at the Motherhouse of the Sister Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary located in Immaculata, PA. 

Sr. Debbie Borneman, SSCM, the Director of Mission Integration of the NRVC, joined the members and gave a presentation on “Risking Hope: Countering the Narrative of Completion”.  Additionally, there was a panel presentation of discerners and new members who shared their stories of vocational call and discernment. 

A business meeting followed the morning session.  Plans are in progress for a Life Awareness Retreat for young adults ages 18 – 45, for those women and men who are contemplating a major decision in their lives such as job opportunities; post-baccalaureate volunteer service; graduate school and/or life vocation – single, married, vowed religious and priesthood.  (Please see the flyer on the following page. ) The Delaware Valley Member Area will also hold three Gift of Mission days for high school juniors on February 4th and 13th and March 5th.  The MSCs will have representation at each of these vocational outreaches.  

~ submitted by Nancy Costello, Vocation Promotion Team Coordinator

In the picture above: the Delaware Valley Member Area of the National Religious Vocations Conference.

One Minute Meditation

The Christian life is always a challenge.  The relationship we commit ourselves to, and the decision to live our life more responsibly in light of that decision, demands that we grow  and transform ourselves into new Christs.  But growth is not something that happens automatically.  Rather, it happens slowly, almost imperceptibly through God’s power working in and through us.  We must accept the risk of living fully in relation to God  – the making holy – of our whole self and our whole life.

As Paul said, we put on the mind of Christ and then are able to speak and act as he did.  Our discipleship – following Jesus – is both a way of seeing as he did and a way of being as he was.  It entails a vision of all reality understood through God’s action in Christ or our salvation and a vocation to continue Jesus’ mission and ministry so we can transform our world now into God’s “new creation.”  We too will be transformed into Christ in a way that will allow us to say as Paul did, “It is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me.”

(Gal 2:20) 

~ Steve Mueller, Words of Grace

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