October 5 is Cabrini Day in Colorado

Kindness. Compassion. Community. CABRINI.

Earlier this year, the Colorado Legislature passed Frances Xavier Cabrini House Bill 20-1031 into law, establishing Frances Xavier Cabrini Day as a Colorado State Holiday.  The first paid state holiday in the nation that recognizes a woman, Cabrini Day will be observed in Colorado annually on the first Monday in October. (October 5, 2020)

Mother Cabrini dedicated her life to helping the poor, the sick, immigrants and those less fortunate.  Her story is rich with determination, grit and an unshakable faith in the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This day is about her story and we are eager for people to learn of it and be inspired by her life and all she accomplished.

As we celebrate this inaugural Frances Cabrini Day during this time of the COVID pandemic, the Mother Cabrini Shrine in Golden, CO, is are committed to following Jefferson County and the state of Colorado’s Safer-At-Home guidelines.  The Shrine staff asks that visitors practice safe social distancing and wear a mask when visiting.  There is limited capacity within our buildings and chapels and there are sign up requirements for Sunday Masses. 

The staff is working hard to keep the Shrine safe and open so that we can continue to welcome all who come to Mother Cabrini Shrine.  Due to Covid-19, there are no formal activities planned at Mother Cabrini Shrine on Cabrini Day 2020.     

  ~ submitted by JoAnn Sman, Mother Cabrini Shrine, Golden, CO

Please be sure to visit: www.cabriniday.com to take the Cabrini Day Pledge and for other resources.  Also, visit the Mother Cabrini Shrine website: www.mothercabrinishrine.org

Colorado Cabrini Day Sparks Curiosity

re: Cabrini Shrine, NYC

Who is Frances Cabrini and why is she replacing Columbus?

 Julia Attaway, the Executive Director of the St. Frances X. Cabrini Shrine in New York City, relates that in late June, Nick Poppy, the video editor from Inside Edition Digital, sent a blind email to the Shrine wanting to learn about Mother Cabrini, and wanting to know why the state of Colorado is instituting Cabrini Day.  He asked if he could do an interview at the Shrine. And, as Julia Attaway said, “all I had to do was say yes!”

 Evidently, Mr. Poppy lives near the Shrine but had never been inside.  A week after sending that initial email he and a cameraman paid a visit to the Shrine and filmed for 2.5 hours. The cameraman, whose father grew up in an orphanage in Eastern Europe, was especially moved by Mother Cabrini’s story. 

 The result is an informative video which aired on September 27, which garnered over 100K views in its first 24 hours.  To view the video click here

~ submitted by Julia Attaway, Executive Director


Julia Attaway, Executive Director of the St. Frances X. Cabrini Shrine in New York City, was delighted to welcome an editor from Inside Edition Digital who was curious about the origins of Cabrini Day in Colorado and wanted to learn more about our patroness. 

Cabrini U. to Host National Body Image Conference

Cabrini’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences will host the fourth biennial National Undergraduate Conference on Body Image in a virtual format on Thursday, October 1. Cabrini’s Body Image Conference aims to provide a day of discussion and examination of the interdisciplinary field of body studies that ties in with current events and world issues of social justice. The theme of 2020’s conference is “Diversity and the Body” and will feature a keynote presentation from Amber Hikes, Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer, American Civil Liberties Union.

“Thanks to the virtual format of this year’s conference, we have presenters from around the globe, including students from the University of Florence in Italy and Aksaray University in Turkey,” said Michelle Filling-Brown, PhD, Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.  “The virtual format has provided access to so many more students from around the globe.” ~Cabrini U. website

Registration is open to the public but space is limited. View the day-long schedule for the conference, including panelists and speakers.

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