Pope Francis on the Upcoming UN World Refugee Day

Pope Francis on June 16, 2019, called for the Church and governments to be close to refugees in observing the June 20, 2019, UN World Day of Refugees. 
However, he also expressed concern about growing tension in the Middle East and called for efforts to foster dialogue and peace.
The Pope made his comments before praying the Angelus with those gathered for Mass in Camerino-San Severino Marche, where the Pope was visiting the area devastated by earthquakes three years ago.
“Today we wish to remember refugees in a particular way, on the United Nations World Day dedicated to them,” the Holy Father said. “This Day invites all to solidarity with the men, women, and children fleeing from war, persecutions, and violations of their fundamental rights. May our ecclesial and civil communities be close to them and attentive to their needs and their sufferings.”
“Moreover, I follow with concern about the growing tensions in the Persian Gulf. I invite all to make use of the instruments of diplomacy to resolve the complex problems of the conflicts in the Middle East. I also renew to the International Community a heartfelt appeal to make every possible effort to foster dialogue and peace.”
JUNE 16, 2019 
Source: ZENIT

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