Run for Your Life experience – part 2

After an introduction to the crises that may be happening in a refugee’s life, causing them to leave their home and their country, participants begin their simulated journey.  They are divided into family groups and given a biography of their family, their situation and the particular members of their family.  Participants are asked to take on the identity of that family as parent, grandparent, adult child, toddler, etc., as well as their reason for leaving. 

            Then the urgency begins as they are told they have to leave IMMEDIATELY, no time for planning.  They are given a “wallet” of money and then a series of pictures of items to take along….but they can only choose 10 of those items…and that’s all they will have besides the clothes on their backs.

             They begin their journey toward what they hope will be a country that will welcome them and protect them from the harm they are now facing.  They do not know what obstacles or dangers they may face, nor how long that journey may take.

Youth Conversation – High school participants choose family roles and study biography
Cabrini staff member, Kathy Wilhite, stands ready to help a group as they begin to assign family roles to the members of their group

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