Tertianship Community formation Program in Addis Abeba

From the 9th to the 15th of March, 2019, members of the Tertianship community had classes with Sr. Bernadette Anello, MSC, who explain to us about the different kinds of spiritual prayer.

During this past 8 days we spoke about Lectio Divina, Adoration, contrition, thanksgiving and supplication.

From all of the lessons what I remember most is Psalm 46, v. 10: “Be still, and know I am God”.
This psalm helps me to pray and to feel God close to me.

About prayer we received not only theory, but had a workshop where we learned to prepare some prayer moments.

The next step of our lessons was about the spirituality of Mother Cabrini. Sr. Bernadette presented to us the “Cabrini Missionary Identity”.

We discussed the very important points for our formation especially during this time of our Tertianship Program.
I hope we will continue to grow in our human, Chris- tian and Cabrinian identity as true Missionary Sisters.

During these days we also received notes about world news, and our homework assignment each day helped us to learn about how to watch, share and discuss the news that we receive.

Sr. Aynalem Paulos, MSC



Letter from Tertianship community about ministry

Dear sisters and members of our Cabrini family!

We would like to share with you about our ministry in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Tertianship pro- gram includes our participating as volunteers in ministry to the most needy people.

Before we junior sisters began our ministry, we visited different organizations. One is in Mekedonia, a home for elderly and disabled people. It was founded by Mr. Biniy Belete in September 2011 with the focus of providing care for the most helpless: elderly people, with mental illness. Be- cause the place is at a great distance from us we decided to look into other places where we could work; places that are under catholic organizations.

Let us do small things with great love!

On the 20th of February, 2019 we began our minis- try in different places: two of us work at the Fran- ciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus orphan- age; one of us works at the Jesuit Refugee Center, and four of us work at Mother Teresa’s mission for poor and sick people. Here there are different units: the mothers and children’s unit; the male unit, and the female unit. We dedicate four days a week for this service, from Wednesday to Satur- day. Our ministry is wonderful and we are very happy with it being with the neediest ones.

Let us do small things with great love!

Sr. Shitaye Esayas, MSC

photos by Tertianship community

Witness about the Ministry                                                                            

I am Sr. Meseret Nagamo, MSC. I am junior sister of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I am 26 years old and I am 8 years into my formation journey.

During the time of the Tertianship Program I am serving at Mother Teresa’s convent as a volunteer for 4 day a week.

My activity is taking care of the sick people, some of them have mental illness, and others have physical limits. In the morning of each day I clean their wounds, and at lunch time I feed them.  I also help to take care of their clothes.  Sometimes I am able to cut their nails and spend time to speak with them and take them outside in their wheelchairs.

This ministry helps me to be simple and to love people especially who are needy.

In these two months I had the experience to help one elder woman, her name was Maria.   Because of a stroke she spent much time in bed in her house. After she developed bedsores a neighbor brought her to Mother Teresa’s Center because the Missionary Sisters of Charity take care of people in this type of situation.  She was able to receive help in the time of my ministry there, until she passed away. She was alone all of the time of her sickness, but after death many relatives came to take her body.  I feel the people who really loved her were the Missionary Sisters of Charity, and we, the volunteers, who took care of her during this time.

The Tertianship Program helps me through new experience to learn and to develop my capacity to serve those who need my help.

Sr. Meseret Nagamo, MSC

photos by Tertianship community
photos by Tertianship community

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