Vocational Awakening in Denver

In its ministry to young people, and especially in vocations promotion work, church workers must step out of the sacristy and take seriously the questions and concerns of the young.

Young people are searching for meaning, and the best response is to go out to where they are, stop and listen to them and then call them to follow Jesus”.

~ Pope Francis

The Holy Spirit Community in Denver had a beautiful vocational experience in our Mother Cabrini Shrine on Sunday, July 19, 2020.  It was a “Come and See” experience in which eleven young women who have expressed to Sr. Martha Lopez, MSC their desire and their thoughts about the possibility of religious life. They came to dedicate a day to the discernment of their vocation.

After living the Eucharist together, the young women had spaces for personal reflection, silence, and solitude. There were also moments to share their doubts, expectations, and concerns.

MSC Vocation Director Sr. Lucy Panettieri, MSC shared her own vocation story in a youthful and open way.  The young ladies had many questions and all were discussed and answered. They were happy and excited and asked to make a weekend “Come and See” in the near future.  In addition, they were invited to come to our house to speak personally with Sr. Lucy and receive close vocational support from her.  Our novice, Tigist Loha, shared her lunch hour with them since she was working in the Shrine that day.  She integrated herself spontaneously, which encouraged and motivated our young women.

Let us continue to pray for these young women and for all those who are discerning their religious vocation. Let us remember what was said in the Synod of Bishops on youth and vocations:  “It is necessary to accompany young people, walk with them, listen to them, provoke them, move them to go beyond the comforts, favoring freedom so that they respond to the call of the Lord freely andresponsibly”. 

~ submitted by Sr. Martha Lopez, MSC on behalf of the Holy Spirit Community, Denver, CO

Thanks to the Guadalupe Province Weekly Update for this article

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