IFF is a community development financial institution that provides financing and related support to nonprofits serving low-income communities throughout the US Midwest.

Traditional real estate financing has long deprived low-income neighborhoods of development projects that foster quality education, fresh food, good healthcare, accessible and affordable housing, youth programs, and art and culture programs. IFF breaks down barriers by providing flexible financing, real-estate consulting, and real estate development, to nonprofits.

A focus on early childhood education programs and support for special needs population strongly aligns with our MSC charism. Since its inception in 1988, IFF has provided more thana billion dollars in real estate financing to 966 nonprofits, which supported 54,000 student seats, 7,000 childcare slots, 370,000 new patient visits and 12,000 housing units.

Read more about IFF at  https://iff.org/