Eswatini is part of the MSC Holy Spirit Region.


The Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus are missioning in Eswatini since 1972. The Sisters started their mission at the St. Philip’s Mission establishing community care programs in response to the need in communities.

Today they expanded their services through Cabrini Ministries Swaziland, a Catholic faith-based and community-based not-for-profit organization officially born in 2006. Based in the Lowveld, Cabrini Ministries work to mitigate the challenges facing local communities including high poverty, poor health, increasing nutritional needs, lack of education and the need for child protection. For over a decade this has meant responding to the crisis caused by HIV/AIDS and TB and the devastating effects of these illnesses including the increased number of OVC. Most recently our services includes a response to gender-based violence through case management, cervical cancer screening through VIA and services focusing on the disabled in our communities.
Cabrini Ministries is based at St. Philip’s Mission and operates for the good of the larger community of the Lubombo lowveld of Swaziland.

Delivery of services is primarily achieved through three integrated departments: Health Care, Education and Family Services. In performing its work, Cabrini emphasizes three key methodologies:

  • Responses are Community and Family Centric
  • Interventions are Assessment Based
  • Service Delivery is Comprehensive and Integrated.

These approaches are synergistic and result in an efficient and effective package of services for the communities.


  • St. Philip MSC Community


  • St. Philip’s Clinic
  • Outreach Healthcare Programs
  • New Abilities Center


  • Pre-school
  • Resource hub (after-school program, school orientation, library, internet access for education..)
  • Sponsorship for high school students

Family Services

  • HIV and TB education and awareness programs
  • GBV prevention and case management programs

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