Mexico is part of the MSC Guadalupe Province.


Centro Comunitario de Atención al Migrante y Necesitado (CCAMYN) Casa del Migrante

Sonora is in Northwest Mexico and is one of 31 states. It is located along the American Arizona border to the north, the state of Baja California to the west, Chihuahua to the east, and Sinaloa to the south. The closest major airport is 3 hours away by car in Hermosillo, Mexico.

Centro Comunitario de Atencion al Migrante y Necesitado (CCAMYN) was founded on May 7, 2000 as a community-based organization serving the most vulnerable persons in Altar, Sonora. They began as a bible group in Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish and have flourished into an organization which serves approximately 8,000 people annually. In the period between their founding and 2017 they have provided shelter, food, clothing, and assistance to over 64,000 persons.

The shelter can accommodate 40-70 people and serves two meals a day. They are staffed with 2 full time employees and more than two dozen dedicated volunteers.

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