What Would Mother Cabrini Do? Contemporary Issues – Cabrinian Perspectives

On St. Cabrini’s 170th birthday many Sisters and friends from across the United States “gathered” in a webinar to reflect on the charism of Mother Cabrini and the Missionary Sisters.

Sr. Eileen Currie, MSC presented from Sacred Heart Retreat House in Sedalia Colorado.

In a rich presentation, set within the historic backdrop of the years in which Mother Cabrini lived, Sr. Eileen invited webinar attendees to understand the lens of – Cabrinian – charism as a way to know God in a deep and personal way that also reflects the ‘needs of the times.’  She spoke of Mother’s deep devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus which was an integral part of her spiritual formation. Because of her lifelong fragile health, Mother Cabrini took has her lifelong mantra from Philippians, “I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me.” 

Sr. Eileen shared that – in contemporary terms – Mother Cabrini was a networker.  She knew what was going on in the world around her. She went to the people.  She listened.  She did not have a master plan, but she recognized the plight of people and she did as Jesus did, she was present to them.

When asked what we should do during the pandemic, Sr. Eileen suggested that we listen to what strikes our heart and spirit and act. .upon those inklings.  

Due to the positive response to the summer webinar series Sr. Bridget Zanin, MSC, Shrine Director, asked viewers to “stay turned” for more offerings in the fall.  

~submitted by Nancy Golen, Cabrini Retreat Center

For those who were unable to attend the webinar it is now available on the National Shrine of St. Frances Cabrini website. Click here

Thanks to the Guadalupe Province Weekly Updates for this article.

Sr. Eileen Currie, MSC

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