As Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, our identity is expressed in prayer, community, and ministry.

Our Missionary Identity

Every vowed member participates fully in this identity. Lay collaborators are also invited and encouraged to share in this Cabrinian identity.

Ministry. The Heart of Jesus asks us in every way to communicate the love, compassion, and mercy of God. Our response to this invitation is expansive, diverse, and creative – while at the same time personal and specific, as we seek to reach out to “one heart at a time.”

Spirituality. Spirituality describes our relationship with God and how that influences the choices we make. We have  been drawn by the Sacred Heart of Jesus to a way of life that reflects His mercy, compassion, reconciliation, and a love that is willing to sacrifice.

Community. Our communities are as diverse as the women who comprise them. Jesus and His mission are the unifying forces that draw us together in prayer, companionship, ministry, and the ongoing transformation of lives.

Mission Expressed Through Cabrinian Charism

Mother Cabrini left a tremendous legacy to her daughters, the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Though she did leave a distinguished network of schools, orphanages, and hospitals that would need the continued leadership, care, and maintenance of the Missionary Sisters in concert with dedicated lay people, it was not merely a legacy of brick and mortar. Much more precious than buildings, the heritage that Mother Cabrini entrusted to her daughters was her charism of love and missionary zeal.

As Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, our life and spirit flow from a missionary identity expressed in prayer, in community, and in ministry. Our actions flow from values found in the life and teaching of Jesus. We strive to respond to others with compassion and to serve with excellence. We seek to communicate God’s personal love in ways that touch hearts, inspire deeper relationships with God, and foster the authentic human and spiritual development of ourselves and others. This is the Cabrinian mission.

Beyond humanitarian motives, this sense of mission embraces the personal conviction that our service—in education, healthcare, eldercare, social work, retreats, parish and youth ministry, and our work in local and foreign cultures—is the continuation of Jesus’ own mission of bringing God’s love to the world.

There are three ways to join us as a Missionary: joining the congregation as a sister, joining us as a Cabrini Lay Missionary, or joining us as a lay collaborator.

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