General Chapter Prayer

General Chapter Logo

The whole world, the invitation received by Mother Cabrini to share the love of Jesus to the whole world.

The purple colouring, echoing the colour of the violets the young Frances put into paper boats she made as a child to symbolise her missionary dreams.

The General Chapter logo

The enflamed Sacred Heart, representing the passion and energy of Jesus for the world and all its people, a passion shared by all his followers including the Missionary Sisters. This Sacred Heart filled with the indescribable Divine power, love and compassion.

The birds in flight, the image frequently used by Mother Cabrini to describe the freedom she experienced in following her loving Saviour, in spite of the difficulties and distractions of daily missionary life. The invitation to fly to Jesus in prayer and contemplation, is also echoed in the availability to go wherever the Spirit leads in response to the needs of the poor, dispossessed and marginalised.

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