We are a congregation of Catholic women committed to the Heart of Jesus. We were founded in 1880 by St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, Patroness of all Emigrants.


The Missionary Sisters of the Sacred heart of Jesus

We are a religious Congregation of Catholic women founded by St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, a great Missionary deeply in love with Jesus.

We are women and lay partners and collaborators who share God’s love throughout the Earth, especially to those who are most needy“.

~ Sister Barbara Staley, MSC General Superior



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"The world is too small to limit ourselves to one point; I want to embrace it entirely and to reach all its parts."
~ Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini

A word from Mother Cabrini

I race on land and sail on the seas with the speed allowed by the progress of the science, which daily develops faster steamships; but, believe it, they are flights made by heavy bodies, too limited and short, compared to the speed with which the Sacred Heart of Jesus works.

Io corro la terra e salpo i mari con la rapidità permessa dalla scienza, che provvede ogni giorno più lesti vapori; ma, credetelo, son voli di corpi pesanti, voli limitati troppo e tarpati rispetto alla rapidità con la quale lavora il Cuore Santissimo di Gesù.

~ Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini

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0 Countries where we directly serve the most vulnerable populations
0 Combined years of MSC Sisters currently serving the Church through Religious Life
0 Countries where our temporal goods are used on behalf of mission
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Education of the Heart and Mother Cabrini

Education of the Heart and Mother Cabrini

The “Mother Cabrini Memorial” statue was unveiled on October 12, 2020 and is located behind the Museum of Jewish Heritage, across from the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. The memorial stands on a marble base with Mother Cabrini and two children in paper boats, representing the boats she would have folded as a…

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Education of the Heart at Cabrini High School in New Orleans and Colegio Boni Consilii in Brazil

Education of the Heart at Cabrini High School in New Orleans and Colegio Boni Consilii in Brazil

In preparation for tomorrow’s World Education Day, let’s discover together some activities related to schools of various levels in the Guadalupe province and in the province of Saint Francisca Cabrini.“Education of the heart” of which Mother Cabrini speaks in so many of her writings means love and also awareness of what is happening around us….

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