We are an international, mission-driven congregation of Catholic women founded in 1880 by St. Frances Xavier Cabrini.

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The Way We Love: How Our Charism and Our Values Shape Our Ministries

Our charism calls us to be the bearers love of Christ to the world and how do we do that?

We, the faith-based organizations, need to observe the great influence that we already have and we need to be able to be part of the policy makers, policy deciders about what happens because our faith integrates faiths and good science and proper Christian ethics in making those decisions, so we will invite some of you to contribute to this blog throughout the year and hope that you enjoy all that will be presented.“

~ Sister Barbara Staley, MSC General Superior

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"The world is too small to limit ourselves to one point; I want to embrace it entirely and to reach all its parts."
~ Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini

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I can understand now that these wonderful Sisters were only concerned with reaching out to the peripheries – going out and ministering to people, including those in society who were considered to be “witch doctors”, as they still used traditional treatments.

These Cabrini Ministries were way ahead of their time, as even back them, they were able to understand that shepherds ought to smell like their sheep.

~ Father Ncamiso Aloysius Vilakati, eSwatini

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