We are an international, mission-driven congregation of Catholic women founded in 1880 by St. Frances Xavier Cabrini.

Advent 2021 with the MSC youngest Sisters

During this Advent, we invite you to embrace a new perspective of waiting, reading the reflections of our youngest Sisters.

We thank them for the gift of their testimony to everyone in Cabrini World and beyond! Open the Advent Calendar every day and don’t miss their words:  https://tuerchen.com/c5f649ff
En este Adviento, te invitamos a abrazar una nueva perspectiva de expectación leyendo las reflexiones de nuestras hermanas más jóvenes.
Les agradecemos el regalo de su testimonio a todos en el Mundo Cabrini y más allá.
Abre el Calendario de Adviento cada día y no te pierdas sus palabras: https://tuerchen.com/c5f649ff

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"The world is too small to limit ourselves to one point; I want to embrace it entirely and to reach all its parts."
~ Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini

A word from Mother Cabrini

I race on land and sail on the seas with the speed allowed by the progress of the science, which daily develops faster steamships; but, believe it, they are flights made by heavy bodies, too limited and short, compared to the speed with which the Sacred Heart of Jesus works.

Io corro la terra e salpo i mari con la rapidità permessa dalla scienza, che provvede ogni giorno più lesti vapori; ma, credetelo, son voli di corpi pesanti, voli limitati troppo e tarpati rispetto alla rapidità con la quale lavora il Cuore Santissimo di Gesù.

~ Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini

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0 Countries where we directly serve the most vulnerable populations
0 Combined years of MSC Sisters currently serving the Church through Religious Life
0 Countries where our temporal goods are used on behalf of mission
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Who was St. Francis Xavier for Mother Cabrini

Who was St. Francis Xavier for Mother Cabrini

It began with adopting his name Mother Cabrini’s veneration of St. Francis Xavier.In the document entitled “Personnel in charge of the Institute” drafted by Mother Cabrini on a parchment preserved in the Cabriniano Museum in Codogno, she placed the saint as a zealot for the Congregation that was about to be born.Let’s read an excerpt…

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A Life Inspired by Mother Cabrini

A Life Inspired by Mother Cabrini

~Fairfield County Catholic When Lucille Souza was a high school freshman in Burbank, California, the idea crossed her mind that maybe, just maybe, she might be called to the religious life. Her parents, who were immigrants from Portugal, worked hard to make a good life for their family, and they sent her to a school…

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