Let us share the stories of Love and Resilience of our Missionary Sisters

In the next few weeks, we will be using this space to run a series recalling our heroines, lest we forget at this time all that we have been through before.

We also encourage each of you to post messages of hope and inspiration, both from the past and from what you are witnessing or partaking in now.

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Cabrini World Blog

There are so many excellent practices across our ministries globally, ways in which we intelligently and effectively deliver services and so share the love of Christ.
We would love for you all to learn more from each other and those among us who are experts and leaders in their field and who extend the Cabrinian charism through their specialities. One such vehicle we are developing for such sharing is a new blog post on our Cabrini World website.
We chose this method as it is a way we can “gather together” with the current bans on travel. Over the next few months, we will be asking sisters and partners‐in‐mission to share their expertise to help develop our understanding of good practice and assist with knowledge sharing across the Institute. We are hoping this will also have the impact of adding to the depth of our relationships and our formation.
The blog posts are there for reflection, for comment and, also discussion amongst yourselves as communities and ministries.
I ask that you engage with their content.
~ Sister Barbara Staley, MSC General Superior

Jesus, You are a Great Missionary!

  “Ti ringrazio – Gesù – di tutti gli aiuti … in quest’ultimo anno di Missione, in cui mi hai…

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Mother Cabrini: ‘Mother of emigrants’ since 1946

  You, my good children, in your worthy mission as educators, are the closest collaborators of the Missionaries of the…

“Contrariety is a pledge of Heaven’s blessings”

Le avversità Nelle avversità, nelle umiliazioni, nelle sofferenze ed in qualunque contrarietà Santa Francesca Cabrini vedeva, adorava e ringraziava Iddio….

As the first “Cenacle” was formed

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Mother Cabrini and the “exchange of the heart”

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Pope Francis adds “Comfort of Migrants” to Mary’s titles

ROME – Pope Francis has given the Virgin Mary three new titles, the Vatican announced Saturday, which will be added…

A profound love

This article written by Sr. Patricia Spillane, MSC, past General Superior, was recently discovered by Sr. Christine Marie Baltas, MSC….

Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Did you missed it? Watch on YouTube the main celebration of the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus organized…

Our Cabrinian charism

Let us continue spreading the charism of Mother Cabrini “to the ends of the earth”.

Missionary Sisters

As vowed religious women, we MSCs have responded to God’s call in our lives. In rhythms of dialog, silence, prayer, faith-sharing, work and leisure, we live co-responsibly in community as adult women committed to serving those in need, particularly, women, children, frail elders and immigrants.

Cabrini Lay Missionary

We are women and men who desire to live out their Christian Baptismal commitment as a special call from God, in order to grow spiritually, to witness Gospel values, and to be agents of transformation in the world. CLMs hear and respond to their call by committing themselves to embrace and give witness to the love of the Heart of Jesus, according to the living legacy and spirit of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini.

Lay Collaborators

As Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus our life and spirit flow from this missionary identity expressed in prayer, community and in ministry. Every vowed member participates fully in this identity. At the same time, laity are invited and encouraged to be Co-Sharers in Mission as Cabrini Lay Missionaries, Cabrini Companions, collaborators, volunteers and loyal friends. Together, we strive to live the gospel values which we learn from the life of Frances Cabrini.

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