A Journey to God

Lent 2021
We light a candle as a sign of our commitment to open our eyes and help free those who are oppressed by human trafficking and slavery #PrayAgainstTrafficking 🤝🙏🌍

A Journey To God

The season of Lent invites us to take a sacred pause… to deliberately take the time to reflect on all that life is presenting to us. To accept this invitation is to prepare yourself psychologically, emotionally and spiritually for all that will be revealed to you as we approach our annual celebration of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. 

Much of the most potent imagery provided for us during this time in the Church’s year speaks of a desert journey in search of the Divine. There are many examples of such journeys throughout the Scriptures, but this Lent we are asking you reflect on a particularly potent one, which still echoes in the experience of many people today. 

It is a story from the First Book of Kings in the Old Testament, where we read of the prophet Elijah going through a crisis of confidence and faith. Fleeing for his life into the desert, he gradually makes his way to Horeb, the mountain of God, where he hopes to find answers and gain a new sense of direction.

From this iconic narrative, I have picked out seven themes, each of which I have tried to illuminate by presenting a collection of readings and images. My hope is that some of this material will resonate in your own experience and aid your personal reflection and prayer during this pandemic time.
You may also wish to use it as a stimulus to spiritual conversation with others either on-line or within your community or household.

Within the introduction to each theme there are one or two questions to consider, but your own engagement with the material provided may take you in another direction. Simply go where you feel led, inviting the Holy Spirit to accompany you on your way.

Mark Davis
Ash Wednesday 2021

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Our Cabrinian charism

Let us continue spreading the charism of Mother Cabrini “to the ends of the earth”.

Missionary Sisters

As vowed religious women, we MSCs have responded to God’s call in our lives. In rhythms of dialog, silence, prayer, faith-sharing, work and leisure, we live co-responsibly in community as adult women committed to serving those in need, particularly, women, children, frail elders and immigrants.

Cabrini Lay Missionary

We are women and men who desire to live out their Christian Baptismal commitment as a special call from God, in order to grow spiritually, to witness Gospel values, and to be agents of transformation in the world. CLMs hear and respond to their call by committing themselves to embrace and give witness to the love of the Heart of Jesus, according to the living legacy and spirit of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini.

Lay Collaborators

As Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus our life and spirit flow from this missionary identity expressed in prayer, community and in ministry. Every vowed member participates fully in this identity. At the same time, laity are invited and encouraged to be Co-Sharers in Mission as Cabrini Lay Missionaries, Cabrini Companions, collaborators, volunteers and loyal friends. Together, we strive to live the gospel values which we learn from the life of Frances Cabrini.

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