The Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Co-Sponsors in mission today are actively ministering on six continents and in sixteen countries in the world.

Where We Serve

We serve in the following countries:

In these countries, we strive to carry out the mission and charism of Mother Cabrini who continues to inspire us for evangelization, education, health care, working with the poor and underprivileged, with people of all colors, nationalities and language, in developed and developing nations. We seek to respond to the local needs of children, youth, men and women, and the elders. We collaborate actively with the dedicated laity who serve with us.

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Being bearers of the Love of God in the world

“There are so many excellent practices across our ministries globally, ways in which we intelligently and effectively deliver services and so share the love of Christ: in education, inhealthcare, in elderly care, in refugee and immigrant services, in serving children, in pastoral and spiritual care and services, in social services, and in serving and comforting the marginalised and vulnerable around the world.We do this both through direct care, and work on structural change against unjust systems.Our work has always been and will continue to be without discrimination, as co‐labourers with others towards a more just and equitable world.”

~ Sister Barbara Staley, MSC General Superior


Social services and Human promotion

People on the Move

Health Care

Elderly Care

Pastoral Care and Spiritual Ministries