Technical Institute “La Inmaculada” – Managua, Nicaragua

     As an Institution we have reached our 50 years of educational service rooted in the wound of the Heart of Christ, and we are preparing to celebrate this history reflecting on what we have built as memory, as Church, as People of God accompanied by the presence of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, under the banner of the Charism of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini. 

   With joy we THANK God for these 50 years in the service of our Educational Mission, which we will be celebrating during this year from February 11 (the date of foundation). This Feast of our Institution  we want to share with the entire Cabrinian Family in the world.  

The “Cabrini” sisters simply began to weave this story in this the rural neighborhood of the capital: Pochocuape and Loma Linda, and began in 1974 with the dream of helping adolescents and young people in their educational and technical preparation.  By 1978 they had the first class with 15 students, to whom an opportunity for a better future was opening up.  

Sister Francisca Alcácer, who arrived from the distant lands of Argentina, was the one who initiated this beautiful Project born of the Heart of Jesus, along with other sisters: Sister Aura Prado, Sister Ana Rosa, who with few resources but much enthusiasm launched themselves into the adventure of fighting together with the young people and their families.  This work was born after the earthquake in Managua in December 1972, after Sister Juana Zoraida Mendoza and other sisters were able to make visits to Barrio Loma Linda. Thus was established this work that today extends from pre-school to high school, with a parade of Missionaries of the Sacred Heart who have given over the years all their love, dedication and enthusiasm.


Ms. Luvy Osorio

Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus: 50 Years Weaving History

We thank all the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus who have given their strength and energy spreading love and devotion to the Heart of Jesus, and have been the protagonists of this story which calls us to serve with the pedagogy of Love and the Cabrinian Charism. 


1974 – 1990 Sr. Francisca Alcácer MSC, founded the Center for Technical Studies, serving as Director.

1990 – 1993 Lay Director

1993 – 1994 Then there was a process of change and transition in the center, accompanied by Sr. Asunta Aylagas MSC (Spain) QEPD and Sr. Stella Maris Elena MSC.

1994 Sr. Elisa Elena Coelho MSC 

1995 Sr. Juana Zoraida Mendoza Sandino MSC

1996 – 2002 Sr. Geni Romualdo Dos Reis MSC (Brazil) QEPD 

2003 Sr. Martha Nidia Lanzas Navarrete MSC

2004 – 2009 Sr. Yolanda del Socorro Flores Rodriguez MSC

2010 Sr. Juana Zoraida Mendoza Sandino MSC, from January 19 to April 30, 2010 as “Interim Director”. 

2010 – 2024 Sr. Emperatriz de los A. Canales Espinoza MSC, (begins May 1, 2010)  

Sister Emperatriz Canales MSC.

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