Together with Mother Cabrini to turn the world upside down

The resumption of activities for the mission in Palma di Montechiaro by Antonietta Scopelliti CLM, Chairwoman of the Santa Francesca Cabrini Association, was like a “breath of fresh air”. Because of her great responsibility, she did not give up. Instead, she faced all the challenges with courage; with her work and, above all, her “prayer”, she brought fresh air. In a sea of darkness for pain and family setbacks, she still glimpsed a light. Certainly, it was like little fireflies on a dark night. But glimpsing those little lights gave her hope. She waited for the night to pass and the sun to rise again, and so it was. Jesus the Lord is our sun, He instilled so much enthusiasm in Antonietta, thinking of the words of the Gospel when Jesus says: “A broken reed He will not break, and a dimly burning wick He will not extinguish”. Yes! With this enthusiasm of hers, Antonietta, in a year full of commitments and emotions, has managed to involve many people: priests, children, young people and some women, mothers of children who participated in the Summer Camp. Pointing out some events of the year 2023: March 21, the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination; June and July with the Summer Camp that ended with the flight of doves at the “Santa Francesca Cabrini” monument, in connection with the flight of doves in Sant’Angelo Lodigiano. On July 28, 29, 30, with the presence of Sister Assunta MSC, Antonietta met a small group of new young people to initiate them into joining the “Santa Francesca Cabrini” Association in Palma. On July 31, some mothers, enthusiastic about the few things they had heard about the figure of Saint Frances Cabrini, accepted Antonietta’s invitation with interest and great pleasure, also knowing that an MSC was present. On the 5th of August, Antonietta and Sr. Assunta MSC met a large group of African kids in the evening, the group that she has been following for many years with the valid support of the Institute which the Mater Gratiae Province has taken charge of. In the meeting after Antonietta’s presentation, Sr. Assunta took the floor speaking on behalf of the Italian Province, assuring all the African immigrant kids closeness, solidarity, respect and interest. Things which are concretely put into practice by Antonietta, assisted by the members of the “Santa Francesca Cabrini” Association in Palma, since the sisters cannot be present in Palma. However, they know that her work is continuous and involved in meeting the African kids in everything they ask and need. Antonietta has so much esteem and admiration for the kids, especially for their politeness and gratitude. A word of encouragement and testimony came from Angela Rinaldo, a member of the association who has always generously contributed to the service of these young people. Two African boys also spoke, thanking for all the help by finding a housing, getting the residence permit in order, visiting hospitals, dealing with many work matters as well as a help for their needs, etc. up to the opportunity to learn a little Italian. They mentioned all these things while continuing to thank. In short, everything was like breathing deeply this breath of fresh air.

A member of the Salvatore Arcadipane group

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