A group of 11 pilgrims from Australia, and three from USA, are on a pilgrimage to Codogno and Sant’Angelo to trace the footsteps of Mother.
Cabrini Lead by Mark Davis from the UK and Sr. Therese Merandi MSC
The pilgrims are learning about St. Frances Cabrini’s early faith, vocation and zeal to be a missionary in the turbulent 1800’s, have visited Mother Cabrini ‘s birthplace held a candle light vigil in the rooms of the Spirituality Centre in Codogno which was the MSc first Institute House.

The pilgrims from Cabrini Australia are:
Francesca Lee, Cabrini Australia Board member; Julie Fleming, Director of mission and identity; Jenny Nicholson, Director of support services; Fran Kuiper People and culture; Cathy Ryan Director, Patient Services; Derek Price Chief information officer; Peter Tuckwell, Finance; Kerry Bateman, Nurse director of perioperative services; Miranda Combs, Cabrini, technology group; Caren Mostajo RN; Carmine Poldari, director medical imaging.

From USA instead: Chris Labianco Ceo Cabrini foundation NYC and David DeCerbo Foundation board member and wife Linda

Here are some comments that were made relative to this beautiful experience:

“The pilgrimage has given me a much deeper understanding and experience of what it really means when we say that Cabrini Health is “inspired by the spirit and vision of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus”. This spirit and vision of love, care, drive and commitment, resilience, organizational acumen, and ability and agility to overcome barriers and find new ways of doing things is what we need from our people at Cabrini to overcome the challenges that we are likely to face in the next few years. 

This pilgrimage has strengthened my resolve to ensure that I do whatever I can do in my role, to ensure that all people who work for Cabrini have a good understanding of this spirit and vision and are inspired to apply this spirit and charism in fulfilling their roles within Cabrini.”

From Francesca Lee, board member Cabrini Australia

“I have been moved by the stories of the sisters and mother Cabrini, delivered with so much illumination and conviction. But above all else, I have been moved by their openness to love. I have been moved with love, to be open to love and more giving of love. I have felt so much love for my family, for my friends and fellow pilgrims who are also on this journey.”

Pilgrim Miranda Coombs from Cabrini Australia

“Dear Julie,
I did not expect to be overcome by the profound impact this immersion experience would have on me.

To walk on the very floorboards, St. Frances Cabrini walked on in her home. To be in the rooms where she listened to the stories told by her father, where she slept, ate, and prayed. All these things I had only read of.

The passion of those who continue the work of St. Frances, living their life through her, in her spirit, living out the gift of our charism.

The incredible stories of Sr Maria Barbagallo, the passion, fervor and spirit of Sr Therese and Allesandra Bergamaschi. To receive the blessings of the many Sisters of the Codogno Spirituality Centre every day. We are blessed in God’s love to be here.”

Jenny Nicholson

Thanks to Julie Fleming for this text

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