In the case of the Viera family – the connection to Cabrini runs deep.

Between Antonio, Norma, and their sons Sandro and Robert, they’ve provided over 100 years of service to the hospital.

“Dad looked after the gardens in the early days of the hospital, and he actually taught a few of the original Sisters to drive,” Sandro said.

“We lived in Noble Park when I was young, and I remember the Sisters coming over on weekends for a coffee – during those weekends, they taught me how to play Chinese Chequers, which I wasn’t a fan of because they always beat me.”

Sandro has now reached 40 years of service at Cabrini and said the hospital has played a major role in his life.

“I actually met my wife here – she worked in the café… I eventually got around to asking her out and together, we’ve had two beautiful children.

“Mum and Dad also both have plaques dedicated in their honour in the memorial garden, which is a nice tribute.”

Thanks to Cabrini Health Australia for this news

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