As 2022 comes to a close, a lot is happening at Cabrini Immigrant Services in New York! A new cohort of trainees is settling in, our staff is working tirelessly to meet the needs of newly arrived immigrants, and we are beginning preparations for year-end celebrations. Read on to learn more about what we have been up to and what is coming up at CIS-NYC!

Welcoming new immigrants

As you have probably heard, in recent months thousands of immigrants have been brought to New York from the Texas border by Governor Abbott as part of a dehumanizing political stunt. These individuals and families arrive with no contacts, no money and little knowledge of how to get around the city. At CIS-NYC, our staff has worked hard to ensure that these newly arrived immigrants are welcomed and supported. We have distributed subway passes, gift cards, clothes and food, as well as provided case management, counseling and legal advice to all who have shown up at our door. So far we have supported over 130 individuals and families. Thank you to all the generous donors and partners who have supported these efforts! (You can still donate
As we face this difficult situation, we also recognize that this crisis is not new.
That is why we continue to advocate for legislative solutions at the local and federal levels to ensure
dignity and safety for all immigrants, regardless of whether they arrived here yesterday or two decades ago.
The latest on DACA

After months of waiting, the Fifth Circuit of Appeals released its decision on the fate of the DACA program in early October. The court agreed with the original ruling on the case that DACA is illegal, and sent the case back to Judge Hanen, who had issued the original ruling. Judge Hanen is allowing the program to remain open to renewals.
This means that the DACA program continues to be in limbo and the future of the program is in the hands of a notoriously anti-immigrant judge.
With all the various challenges against DACA, it can be difficult to keep track of the situation. To date, it is important to know that:
DACA renewals for current recipients remain open.
DACA applications submitted for the first time have not yet been processed by USCIS.
Advance Parole is still open for current DACA recipients.
If you have questions or would like assistance with DACA renewal, please call us at 212-791-4590 ext. 100. If you would like to be informed about upcoming seminars or actions, please contact Ella at
Join us in demanding that Congress act and ensure real protections for DACA beneficiaries and all immigrants.
Click here to make a phone call or write a letter.
New faces at CIS-NYC

Jasel Rivera, office assistant
I am Mexican-American – I have immigrant parents who came to America to seek a better life and future for me and my siblings. My passion is art. I love to draw and create new paintings. People describe me as joyful, caring and hardworking. My dog and cat are my life! I couldn’t live without them.
212 791-4590 ext. 100
Ariona Dyrmishi, MSW clinical intern.
I am currently a Master’s student in Social Work at Hunter College. I am originally from a small European country called Albania. I speak a total of 4 languages and am very passionate about cultures, communities and travel. I have always enjoyed working with people and believe that everyone is essentially good and will always try their best to excel in their respective societies given the right opportunities. My hobbies include hiking and traveling.
212-791-4590 ext.109
Janine-Marie Rafio, intern in Organizational Management and LeadershipMSW
My name is Janine and I am a graduate student in Organizational Management and Leadership at CUNY Hunter’s Silberman School of Social Work. I enjoy learning how organizations work and how office politics affect work culture. When I have time, I enjoy running, climbing, biking, hiking, bird watching, generally being outdoors. I explore the city in search of food or, if I can, I make my own. I am currently training for the New York City Marathon in November.
Brittney Hernandez, MSW clinical intern
My name is Brittney Hernandez and I am a social work intern at Cabrini Immigration Services in New York City. I am completing my master’s program at Lehman College in the Bronx. Things I like to do are traveling and fishing!
212-791-4590 ext. 109
Nicole Cifuentes, MSW community organization intern.
My name is Nicole Cifuentes and I am 22 years old. I am currently completing my master’s program at Hunter College, with a concentration in Community Organizing. I was born in New Rochelle, but both my parents were born in Guatemala. I am deeply connected to my roots and the struggles of my people. I look forward to learning and developing my community organizing skills with Cabrini Immigrant Services!
212-791-4590 ext. 105
Ady Matos, MSW clinical intern.
My name is Ady and I am currently a Master of Social Work student at NYU. I am originally from the Dominican Republic and have three children.
212-791-4590 ext. 102
Celebrating client success stories

Lucia is a Mexican woman who has lived in New York City for 20 years with her husband and children. Lucia heard about Cabrini Immigrant Services in May 2020. She has attended several parenting and women’s support groups. In addition, CIS-NYC helped her financially during the pandemic and she received supportive counseling. The woman recounts, “Cabrini helped me a lot during the pandemic, helping me reduce stress. The parent group taught me how to talk to my children when I am angry, how to communicate better with my children and how to talk about my children’s rights at school. I am grateful to the women’s group, which taught me to feel proud of myself. In the self-defense workshop, I learned how to defend myself from attacks and escape from dangerous situations. I learned something from each person in the group.”
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Family reunion

On October 8, we held a luncheon for families who received services through our Department of Social Services. It was an opportunity for our families to share a meal together, connect with each other and build community. Participants also shared what they are grateful for and their hopes for the new CIS-NYC location in Washington Heights. Thank you to everyone who joined us for this wonderful event!

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