Melbourne artist and Cabrini Hospital volunteer, Jeffrey Kelson, is dedicating his latest exhibition to the wonderful compassion and care he receives at Cabrini.

A long-time grateful patient and carer, Jeffrey has had his fair share of health challenges, receiving treatment for several heart attacks, blood clots and a number of surgeries at Cabrini. His wife, Margot, was successfully treated at the hospital for breast cancer throughout 2021-2022, coming to Malvern for treatment almost daily. Then in late 2022, Jeffrey received a shock diagnosis of late-stage pancreatic cancer and is currently receiving care at Cabrini Malvern.

In a celebration of life, the artist has set about creating a body of abstract works that are both uplifting and life affirming. “I call them ‘Celebrations’. The works are mixed media on canvas, with a predominance of collage and colour. They represent the flow of life and are windows into my life’s experiences and a response to my diagnosis,” said Jeffrey.

The artist’s wish is to give back all proceeds from the sale of his pieces to Cabrini Foundation, in support of Palliative and Supportive Care services.

“My connection to Cabrini is so strong – this is my way of thanking Cabrini for the many years of wonderful health support that we have received from this very special hospital and also show that my reaction to the diagnosis I received has been to celebrate the life I have,” shared Jeffrey.

This National Volunteers Week, we thank our dedicated volunteers like Jeffrey, for the extraordinary time and care they continue to provide our Cabrini community.

For information on Jeffrey Kelson’s ‘Celebrations’, to purchase a piece, or to make a donation to Cabrini Palliative Care, please contact: or call 9508 1760

Thanks to Cabrini Foundation

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