“Education with a Heart”

Cabrini Mission Foundation recently purchased twenty-five (25) chrome books, now allowing current students in need to continue their online classes and virtual schooling during the current pandemic.

Mother Cabrini based her work on “education of the heart”; promoting Gospel values, critical thinking and openness towards others.  Through this initiative and all of our Foundation programs Cabrini Mission Foundation continues to carry Mother Cabrini’s legacy forward.

The chrome book recipients have sent us many thank you notes expressing their heartfelt appreciation for this gift.  Education is key to opportunity, growth and success.  We are grateful to our donors who helped us make this possible.  For more information about how you can get involved, please contact us at www.cabrinifoundation.org.

“Thank you for your great generosity!  I greatly appreciate your donation of the laptop.  Your support helps further my education. Even today, I used the laptop to help me work on my assignments and access online classes.  Words fail me but you didn’t – thank you for all you’ve done.  I wish I had the words to express my appreciation for your gift and kindness. Thanks so much for everything. Thank you so much for your kind assistance. It came just when we needed it most! It is the wonderful actions of others that keep me going most days. What a surprise and blessing to receive this laptop! I felt so happy and as if a little piece of stress was lifted off my shoulders. I cannot thank you enough nor express with words how grateful I truly am. Thank you again and God bless you all. It truly has made a difference for me, and I am extremely grateful. Sincerely Lauren

 “I am a re-admitted undergraduate student at Cabrini University for a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts.  Currently, all my classes are online.  I am learning afresh how to use technology and stay up to date with many resources to complete my studies.  The Holy Spirit Library’s online databases have amazed me with all the resourceful articles and all that they provide all the students here at Cabrini with. I am writing to acknowledge my gratitude to the Cabrini Mission Foundation very for the provision and all the help that enabled the Connect with Tech-Laptop at Cabrini University Project Happen. I am thankful for the brand-new HP laptop I have received. It is the most beautiful gift.  Having my own functioning, up to date Laptop is a HUGE blessing and fitting accessory for my academic excellence. The gift means a lot to me and all that you have done and provided is like an answered prayer because this is what I was praying for:) Thank you so much and God bless you!!  – Kindly Cecilia”

“I want to thank the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and their Foundation donors for this generous donation.  I was using a loaner laptop for the fall 2020 semester and currently for half of my spring 2021 semester to complete my coursework. Prior to that I would do all of my assignments from my Iphone. I find receiving the laptop as such a blessing especially during this time when I am enrolled in college remotely from home. I can now utilize my new laptop to comfortably complete assignments and log onto zoom meetings without hassle! Forever grateful, Dominique”

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