The presentation of the Centro Astalli Annual Report was held this morning at the General Congregation Hall, General Curia of the Society of Jesus.
Speakers included H.E. Msgr. Enrico Trevisi Bishop of Trieste and Nathalie Tocci – Director, Institute of International Affairs.
Presenting the data of the Report was Fr. Camillo Ripamonti – President Centro Astalli and moderating the meeting was Avvenire Liverani journalist. Introducing the presentation was then the mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri with his greeting.
There were two important and touching testimonies from Moris from Nigeria and Daria from Belarus.

President Ripamonti, recalling the three verbs that move the Astalli center, namely Accompany, Serve and Defend, pointed out that twice as many meals were distributed as last year.
Msgr. Trevisi stressed how in addition to a roof and a meal these people need to listen. All of us in order to live need dignity.

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